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Made by Hand

This idea is a pure celebration of how special something is when an Artisan uses their hands to make it. We will bring this idea to life by adding a hand-crafted touch to our digital channels, inviting people to experience what it feels like to be one of these unique craftsmen. The goal is to make sure that every execution we bring to life under this idea has a “Made by Hand” feel to it.

Handcrafted App: This iPad app will cue the viewer to “Handcraft their own Häagen-Dazs experience.” Users can explore the experience created by one of our Artisans, or they can create their own by selecting from a wide range of artistic backgrounds, fonts, colors, imagery, buttons, and animation styles.

Handcrafted Banner: We’ll supply the copy and visuals and you create the banners. We’ll give you a variety of choices to help you create your own Häagen-Dazs ice cream world and you craft it however you’d like. You will then be able to submit your banner to our Tumblr page, where we will curate all of these unique creations. We can also have users make handcrafted notes, gifting ice cream to their friends.

Twitter: A collaboration with twitter and font designers to handcraft tweets with #HaaganDazsArtisanCollection. We transform our fans’ tweets from a generic system font to a beautiful, decorated handwritten font designed specifically for the Häagan-Dazs Artisan Collection campaign.

Artisan Transformation: We’ll transform public spaces with help of local artisans. For example, we’ll add a hand-crafted touch to benches and railings and other non-natural things in a park. And of course, we will serve people delicious Häagen-Dazs ice cream from the Artisan Collection out of handmade bowls and spoons. We’ll encourage people to share this experience on social channels, and we’ll curate it all on our Tumblr page.

Artisan Vending Machine: We create a vending machine for our artisan collection, where our fans can design their own packaging label. We set up templates for each flavor, then people can change the color, add their own name, or even upload their own picture or headshot to the packaging label. Once the label is designed, the vending machine will dispense the artisan collection ice cream with your label design. We’ll encourage people to submit their designs and we’ll curate our favorites.

cindeethompson@gmail.com • 917.747.0513