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Lips for Lips

Social Media: Abreva is all about healthy lips and we’re putting our money where our mouth is by partnering with Operation Smile to help provide cleft lip and cleft palate surgery to children around the world.

Just post a photo of your lips to our Twitter or Instagram page and for every pair of smackers, we’ll make a contribution to this amazing cause.

Banner: Our banner makes it easy for consumers to take a picture of their lips and upload. It houses a clickable feature that automatically activates their webcam, so all they have to do is pucker up to participate.

Website: Our page populates with consumer’s lip selfies and beautiful pictures of the children we’re helping around the world. Proof that Abreva stands for healthy lips for life.

The Go-Getter Quiz

This shareable quiz lives on Buzz Feed, home of the hottest, most social content on the web. Take it and find out if you’re a “take control” kind of person or “sit back and relax, someone else will figure it out” kind of gal. #ActOnIt #Enjoy

The Daily Do

Every day on Twitter, we’ll inspire our audience with one practical, daily action to better their lives or the lives of those around them.

Emergency Lip Team

We’ll arm our community managers with a pre-approved toolkit of immediate responses to anyone who’s having a cold sore emergency.

Using a Map Location Pin, The Emergency Lip Team is ready to respond to anyone who tweets about cold sores, with the location of where they can find the Abreva product they need. #AbrevaRescues #ActOnIt

Whether it’s a funny video to help you forget about your cold sore or a few quick tips to help prevent you from getting one altogether, this special team responds quickly to Tweeters in need. #AbrevaRescues #ActOnIt

cindeethompson@gmail.com • 917.747.0513